Wetsuit dryer hanger

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Blawesome is a compact, durable and portable blower that dries and deodorizes your wetsuit in 18minutes


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Live your dreams in the most adverse conditions

Whether you swim, dive or paddle but also enjoy a cozy wetsuit in winter, even for the evening dip, we have good news for you. Check it out

wetsuit always perfectly dry

An effective dryer to get a cozy and deodorized westuit, even for the evening dip.


wetsuit elasticity and lifespan

Say bye to bacteria and odour and extend your wetsuit elasticity and lifespan.


Magnets Hanger

Rare earth magnets transform the cap on a useful hanger.


Compact Wetsuit Dryer

Made for the very adventurer, impact resistant and surprisingly compact.



Dry & Warm

While a drone inherited turbine blasts 360 CFM inside your suit, the inner resistance warms the airflow to a cozy 85ºF/30ºC. These effects combined have your wetsuit ready in less than 20 minutes.

Are you ready for an evening dip? The result feels awesome!

An astonishing airflow of

Deodorize and disinfect

In addition to the dryer, a dermatologically tested deodorizing and disinfectant pearl is vaporized within the airflow, killing the bacteria and microorganisms present in your wetsuit.

This extends the lifespan of your wetsuit and stops unpleasant odours.

Increase wetsuit lifespan by



Magnetic Hanger

Our powerful rare earth magnets transform the cap of the blower into a hanger that sticks to any metallic surface to ease your wetsuit drying or hold anything you may need.

Holds up to

Compact and adventure ready

Blawesome is resistant to impact, UV degradation and salt water corrosion, making it perfect for exploring travelers.

And the best of all: it folds up into a 5,5 inch tall cylinder


Unique Engineering for Wetsuit

Unique Engineering

Not only Blawesome integrates top quality Japanese components and best grade German ABS plastic, but also, it has been mili metrically assembled to contain a dryer, deodorizer, hanger, power cord and magnetic hanger all into its body.

A unique piece of design and engineering and the ultimate gadget for every watersports lover.


Stay Tuned

Lets make the soggy, cold and smelly wetsuits something from the past!

We will unveil the details of the new Blawesome on November 30th. Sign up to receive the updates

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