In addition to the ABS car industry grade plastics, the impact resistant body and the top Japanese Motor and electronic components, Blawesome is also full of intricate design details, innovative solutions and security measures.

Be our guest to explore its surprising features.


  • The 85mm diameter drone turbine carries a powerful phase motor.
  • Despite its compactness, this technologically advanced motor is able to turn up to 18.000 rpm.
  • Turbine and motor combined are able to blow up to 360CFM, 165l/s or 580 m3/h of air.

Deodorize and Disinfect

Magnetic Hanger
  • The disinfectant pearl is the perfect complement for Blawesome, ensuring an homogeneous vaporization within the airflow.
  • The alcohol pearl takes around 10 minutes (depending on environmental conditions) to fully evaporate within your wetsuit in order to kill up to 99% of the bacteria that can cause unpleasant odours.

Magnetic Hanger

Magnetic Hanger
  • Our rare earth magnets integrated into the top of Blawesome convert it into a convenient support to hang your unit or whatever you may need.
  • The magnetic hanger can stick to the side of your van, the backdoor of your car or to any other metallic structure and can hold a just out of the water winter wetsuit with ease.


Wetsuit Dryer
  • The body of Blawesome is built from ABS Car industrial plastic, making it highly resistant to impact and degradation.
  • The body and wings are rubber coated, giving it a secure grip and improved wetsuit adherence.
  • All the metallic components are built from chromed inox steel and aluminium to endure and resist corrosion.

Design details

Wetsuit Dryer
  • Blawesome design has been optimized to ensure compactness and mobility: everything folds into a 5,5 inch tall cylinder that can easily fit on any hand bag or backpack.

Technical Specifications

Compact Wetsuit Dryer
  • Car connection: 12v / 120w max
  • Home connection adaptor: 110v/220v 250w max
  • Dimensions closed: 143mm x 91mm x 91mm
  • Dimensions deployed: 297mm x 365mm x 91mm
  • Weight: 580gr / 20,5 oz
  • Turbine maximum speed turn: 18.000rpm
  • Turbine effective diameter: 85mm

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Technical and Performance

Blawesome is built with extremely solid materials as ABS and Inox Steel. ABS is a kind of plastic resistant to impact and degradation by exposure to environmental conditions such as sunlight and seawater. In addition, not all ABS plastics are the same. Our ABS supplier is one of the top leading German chemical companies.
Blawesome integrates a thermostat in the air outlet to control the air temperature so it does not rise over 85ºF/30ºC, the perfect temperature to preserve your equipment.
CFM means cubic feet per minute and measures the volume of air that Blawesome can push per minute: 360 CFM triples any other similar device on the industry. Fitting so much power into such a small device was quite an engineering challenge.
The disinfectant pearl naturally evaporates on open air conditions. Blawesome accelerates the evaporation pushing the airflow around the pearl.
Yes, we provide 1 year warranty on any manufacturing defect and on the motor lifespan. Damage produced by water on electric components and by severe impacts on any components are not covered under the warranty
Yes, during 2017 we plan to add a complete set of accessories for Blawesome. Stay tuned on our newsletter and on our social profiles to get the latest information about the next release.

Sales and Delivery

We partnered with Amazon to deliver our products worldwide for the countries where they operate: USA, UK, European Union, Canada and México. For other countries not on the list, we will happily send them via postal mail. Please check on KickStarter the delivery prices according to different destinations.
Backers from USA, EU, UK, Canada, México, Australia and Switzerland can use Kickstarter “Shipping cost calculator” once the campaign is on (August 25th). For other regions, costs should be rated case by case.
Blawesome will be released to the general public on April 2017
Final retail price of the basic Package of Blawesome (Dryer + 20 disinfectant pearls) will be US$ 129.
The first 200 Early Backers can benefit a 50% discount compared to its final retail price and get Blawesome by US$ 65.
Sure! We plan to release some cool stretch goals with related add-ons and product enhancements as the Kickstarter campaign goes on. IMPORTANT: Notice that every backer will benefit from the stretch goals! So the sooner you back us, the better deal you get.