A compact, durable and portable wetsuit dryer that can dry your equipment in as little as 20 minutes.

Are you ready for an evening dip?


Your wetsuit is perfectly dry under every circumstance.

Anyone who tried to slip into a cold wet wetsuit on a rainy and freezing morning of winter understands the feeling.

Carrying a wet wetsuit in your trunk or closet is neither a nice plan.

Dry & Warm

A powerful centrifugal blower blasts 290 m3/h inside your suit while its 1000w resistance warms the airflow,

The airflow temperature is controlled to not raise over 100ºF/38ºC to protect your equipment.


Extend your wetsuit lifespan

A wetsuit exposed to direct sunlight will lose up to half its expected lifespan. Get better drying results and protect your equipment using the right device.


Limited units available at a special launch price