Dry your winter wetsuit within an hour

Rock solid, portable and silent, Blawesome is a state of the art dryer, able to dry your winter Wetsuit within an hour and a Drysuit in a record time.

We are watersports lovers and engineered it for ourselves. Hundreds of backers around the world made it possible through Kickstarter back in 2017.

Powerful but gentle

A powerful blower is the heart of Blawesome. It blasts 290 m3/h airflow while its 1000 w resistance warms the air.

Airflow temperature is controlled to protect your equipment. Decide whether you prefer natural air or warm air up to 32ºC / 90ºF.

MADE TO LAST+10'000h expected lifespan

  • Portable

    Only 1400gr / 50 oz

  • Rock solid

    Carry 20Kg / 44Lbs with ease

  • Super silent

    A whisper: under 50db


    Blawesome gently removes moisture from your equipment in a record time. 

    FREE SHIPPING  for orders above 2 units. NO IMPORT TAX for USA and Australia.

Who wrote about Bawesome


Born to dry watersports suits, thanks to its 360º coverage Blawesome works as well on any jacket and full body suit.

Do not hesitate contacting us for more practical information and detailed tests.

  • Snow suits

  • Motorcycling suits

  • Nautical equipment