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Instructions manual

Please, read carefully all the sections contained in your instructions manual before operating Blawesome. Dedicate special attention to all Safety instructions.

You can download the User Manual here: 
Blawesome User Manual

Tip 1 - Recommended draining times

Your wetsuit might retain a significant amount of water after its use making it heavier. Therefore, hanging your wetsuit directly after the rinse might potentially cause over stretch.

If you just came out of the water or just rinsed your equipment, we recommend to let your wetsuit drain, hanging from its waist

Our lab tests performed with different brands, thicknesses and materials suggest that after 25 minutes at least 50% of the water will be drained off your suit. Feel free to contact us if you need further orientations.

Tip 2 - How to get the best drying results

Blawesome will blow 290m3/h or around 5000 litres per minute of air through your suit.

This air will absorb humidity from your suit and mix it on the ambient. If you use Blawesome inside a closed room, eventually the air will saturate with humidity and in consequence your suit will dry at a much slower pace.

We recommend to use Blawesome in well ventilated areas, ideally outdoor or near a window/terrace.

Thanks to Blawesome's heater you might get a faster dry in a cold terrace than in a warm bathroom