Technical Specifications & FAQ

Drying times

Experimental drying times you can expect for your equipment for different wetsuit thicknesses and weather conditions.

Wetsuit thickness Ambient Temp. 85ºF / 29ºC Ambient Temp. 65ºF / 18ºC Ambient Temp. 45ºF / 8ºC Requires inside out
3mm 20 minutes 45 minutes 60 minutes No
4 to 5mm 45 minutes 60 minutes 90 minutes No
+6mm / other equipment 60 minutes 80 minutes 100 minutes Yes
Drying times experienced by users may vary due to a wide variety of factors, including:

  • Environment relative humidity (%)
  • Effective airflow: a folded suit will prevent the airflow to circulate freely.
  • Lack of ventilation: drying in a small closed room, might cause longer times.
  • Drain time: if you rinsed your wetsuit, it may need time to drain water before hanging. Check charts below.
  • Requires inside out: a thicker wetsuit (+6mm) might require to turn it inside out to achieve a perfectly dry and ready to store feeling. Nonetheless, if you need a quick dry to get back to water in the afternoon, with shorter drying times you will also achieve a decent dry feeling on the inner side.
Need help?
Drying times included in this table are approximate. Tests were conducted operating under well ventilated area. In case you do not reach a satisfactory result, please contact us for advise.

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Recommended draining times

Your wetsuit might retain a significant amount of water after its use making it heavier. Therefore, hanging your wetsuit directly after the rinse might potentially cause over stretch.

If you just came out of the water or just rinsed your equipment, we recommend to let your wetsuit drain, hanging from its waist, for at least 25 minutes before hanging it on Blawesome. Please check charts below or write us if you need further orientations.

Dimensions and operating measures

  • Dimensions: 435mm x 160mm x 190mm
  • Centrifugal fan airflow: 290 m3/h
  • Centrifugal fan maximum turning speed: 2,800rpm
  • Airflow direction: 360º airflow
  • Heating element power: 1000w
  • Combined power consumption: 1050w
  • Thermostat: automated temperature controled switch at 100 ºF / 38 ºC
  • Home connection adaptor: 110v and 220v available with USA, EU, UK and Australia plugs.

A quick glance on Blawesome’s creation


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! You can plug it in every wall plug. Just be sure you choose your right voltage and plug for your region when you purchase it online.
It works on 110/220 volts. You can use Blawesome with your car, using an DCAC inverter. You can use Blawesome at full power only if you have Camper Vans or Caravans with a separate electrical installation and battery. Otherwise, you will need to use Blawesome at its low power mode, to avoid discharging your car battery.
The length of the cord is 2m.
We offer a warranty of 2 years. However if you take good care of your Blawesome unit (avoid to store it in wet environments and protect from impacts) it should be accompanying you for many years. The lifespan of its components is over 10.000 hours by design, that is a lot of drying time.
Nor the temperature neither the stress will affect the longevity of your wetsuit. Blawesome increases the ambient temperature by 15ºC or 27ºF so in winter days the effective temperature will never get too high. For example if the outside temperature is 10°C (respectively 50° F) Blawesome will warm the air up to 25°C (77° F). On summer days, the Thermostat will control that the temperature does not raise over 36 to 38ºC, the natural temperature of the air on a hot summer day. Alternatively, if you prefer to not use Blawesome at full power, you can always use the “low power mode”.

Technical specifications

Blawesome increases the environment temperature by 27°F or 15°Celsius. For example if the outside temperature is 10°C (respectively 50° F) Blawesome will warm the air up to 25°C (77° F). The thermostat only will stop the resistance when the outlet temperature is 38° C or 100° F.
The temperature is not constant, but the power is. This means you will get an airflow of 15°C or 27°F warmer than the ambient temperature. Nonetheless, if you are connecting Blawesome to your car or the ambient temperature is warm enough and you don’t want to use the resistance at full power, there is a switch to choose whether you want full power heating (1000W) or low power heating (100W).
Yes sure, you will receive the correct power plug for your country. Please, be sure to select the correct one for your country.
Blawesome is built with extremely solid materials as ABS. ABS is a kind of plastic resistant to impact and degradation by exposure to environmental conditions such as sunlight and seawater. In addition, not all ABS plastics are the same. Our ABS supplier is one of the top leading German chemical companies.
CFM means cubic feet per minute and m3/h means cubic meters per hour (or thousands of liters of air per hour). Both units serve to measure the volume of air that Blawesome can push inside your suit.


Blawesome shape and openings are optimized to balance the airflow to reach every part of your equipment. It integrates a 1000w resistance and a centrifugal fan that pushes the warm air 360°, so you can use Blawesome to dry every wet equipment that can hang from it: from heavy full body winter wetsuit to a snow jacket, or even a motorcycle racing suit.
The centrifugal fan we use pushes the air 360° so it reaches every part of your equipment. Additionally, the centrifugal fan is able to generate a higher pressure on the air, so in case a part of your suit is folded, Blawesome is still able to push air through it. Another difference is its shape and openings: specifically optimised to dry wetsuits, the warm air will reach every part of your equipment achieving a uniform dry. Finally, as Blawesome creates an horizontal 360° layer of air it can be used to dry other equipment such as snow jackets and motorcycle racing suits among others. Additionally, it does not have any sharp edges, as the injection mold joints are hidden to protect the fabrics of your equipment.
Yes, we provide 2 years warranty on any manufacturing defect and on the components. Damage produced by water on electric components and by severe impacts on any components are not covered under the warranty.

Sales and Delivery

We partnered with a Global logistics operator to deliver our products worldwide for the countries where they operate: USA, UK, European Union, Canada and Australia. For other countries not on the list, we will happily send them via postal mail. Special costs may apply. Please check the exact cost using shipping calculator on the ‘Checkout’ page.
Blawesome will be released to the general public on March 2018